This course expands knowledge of organization operations, executive roles, and the centrality of strategy in organization operations, development, and change. Using readings, class exercises, fieldwork, guest speakers, analysis, work problems, and cases the course helps students learn, and to use, tools, principles, and methods in strategy development and implementation to move a system toward its desired future.

The easiest way to prepare a sales presentation is to start with content from past presentations...but in the end the presentation looks suited to no one in particular which does not tend to lead to a good result. In the course we walk through and practice a tried and true way to develop messages and themes and then put them in an order that works!

This program engages participants to prepare a plan of action to make the change they want happen just the way they want.

Introduction to PeterD and the seven Truths. 

Some wonder: "Do I need to be a better manager?" or "Do I need to be a better leader?" The Seven Truths show how management works together, with leadership, so you can: Manage to Lead.

Each truth is simple; disarmingly simple. The truths also apply equally well at any level of system. Which means the truths apply to: 

  • A person trying to get fit. 
  • A team that wants to work better together. 
  • An organization entering a new market or rolling out a new product. 
  • A township improving its attractiveness. 
  • A country overthrowing a dictator. 

It is in this sense that the truths help Change the World, whatever that world happens to be. We study each truth, the actions it drives, and how to carry out those actions along a maturity continuum.

Finally, all seven truths are active all the time. They are not steps or stages. Leaders assess where their organization is, considering each truth, and work to progress towards ever more maturity of action, starting with the one that then most constrains performance and growth.

Note: An in-depth version of the Immersion Program is available to those who want to learn how to offer it to others in their organization or to clients. Those who have been through the program and done well are invited to apply to serve as Program Assistants in upcoming sessions.

This course is not your parents’ textbook/lecture. What distinguishes this course is that it offers a chance to learn from two people who have grown wiser from being in the trenches, mainly because the two of us see every mistake and success (we have had lots of both!) as yet another new opportunity to learn and to grow.

Peter is a successful serial entrepreneur and leader who also coaches hundreds of upwardly mobile professionals. Brent is an executive coach and workplace psychologist who coaches both leaders and those who have problems with leaders. 

What we bring to you is a compendium of real-time experience, dealing with leadership that works and leadership that doesn’t. Through experience, research, and analysis we have discovered some hidden truths about being an effective leader. These insights can change the odds for success in simple yet powerful ways. We have incorporated many of these lessons learned into this course to share with you. We hope you will incorporate what makes sense to you into your own approaches to leadership now and in years ahead.